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Artificial Intelligence in Education and Ethical Edtech

On the topic of Artificial Intelligence and Education, and Ethical Edtech, we have multiple workshops and conversations scheduled – and more to come! Here is the schedule of what we have planned so far:

Schedule of Artificial Intelligence and Ethical Edtech Sessions

DateSession titleFacilitator(s)Time in GMTTime in CairoTime in EDT
Mon June 19How to ask good questions: The #1 skill we all need to navigate the AI age Pia Lauritzen16:0019:0012:00
Tues June 20Critical AI Literacy Nicola Pallitt and Maha Bali16:0019:0012:00
July 4
Future facing assessment: how to use AI in the design of alternative assessments Eliana Khoury 14:0017:0010:00
July 5
Empowering Educators: AI tool showcase (more info here)Nicola Pallitt16:0019:0012:00
July 10
An Excursion through the Interstices of Generative AI and Edtech  George Station and Aimee Escalante17:0020:0013:00
July 11
Using AI writing feedback to supplement human feedback Anna Mills17:0020:0013:00
July 12
Ethics as reflection, interrogation, and design (2 hours)Stephanie Moore16:0019:0012:00
July 12
Using ChatGPT for help with our teaching, writing, and administrative work Anna Mills 18:0021:0014:00
July 12
How can you be pragmatic and ethical together, navigating entanglements and tensions in integrating educational technology into design?Stephanie Moore and Tim Fawns23:302:3019:30
Mon July 17Machine-Assisted Writing: generative Activities for the Composition Classroom (2 hours)Mark C. Marino16:0019:0012:00
Thurs July 20Playful Prompting: A lighter approach to AI (2 hours)Mark C. Marino16:0019:0012:00
Tues August 8Empowering Educators: AI tool showcase 2. (more info here)Nicola Pallitt16:0019:0012:00

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