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Alternative Grading – Multiple Tracks & Workshops

On the topic of Alternative Grading (within the theme of Critical Pedagogy and Social Justice), we have a track about Ungrading in STEM by Courtney Sobers, a track about rethinking assessment within ungrading by Amy Lim, and a workshop by Asao Inoue.

Track – Ungrading in STEM: Equity Concerns

Led by Courtney Sobers

DateSession TitleTime in CairoTime in GMTTime in EDT
Fri, June 30Being selfish with alternative grading5-6:30pm2-3:30pm10-11:30am
Fri, July 21Customizing alternative grading for scale5-6:30pm2-3:30pm10-11:30am
Fri, August 25Intersectionality and alternative grading: Keeping the receipts5-6:30pm2-3:30pm10-11:30am

Track – Grade Expectations: Why Assessing for Equity Matters

Led by Amy Lin

DateSession TitleTime in CairoTime in GMTTime in EDT
Wed, July 26Let’s Talk Grading8-9:30pm5-6:30pm1-2:30pm
Wed, August 2Let’s Talk Pizza8-9:30pm5-6:30pm1-2:30pm
Wed, August 9Let’s Talk!8-9:30pm5-6:30pm1-2:30pm

Workshop – Labor-Based Grading as Antiracist Classroom Ungrading Practice

DateTime in CairoTime in GMTTime in EDT
Mon, July 2411pm-12:30am8-9:30pm4-5:30pm

Header image by Jensen Artco from Pixabay

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