Banner image - Left side has the MYFest logo with words creative, caring, community, emergent and equitable. and #MYFest24 under the logo. The middle reads "MYFest 2024 June, July and August" and the right side has the Equity Unbound logo of a colorful world map with the words 'via equity unbound' under it.

MYFest is Back for 2024

Welcome to #MYFest24! This is Equity Unbound’s third annual “Mid-Year Festival” (MYFest). Equity Unbound continues to co-create brave spaces and nurture a caring community for life-long-learners everywhere.

Themes in MYFest24

In response to the weight of multidimensional exhaustion that many are experiencing, #MYFest24 will be a “recharge and renewal experience” exploring:

  • Open educational practices and digital literacies
    • Artificial intelligence & critical A.I. literacies 
  • Critical pedagogy, anti-oppressive education, and socially just care
    • Environmental and ecological dignity
    • Accessibility & sustainability
  • Community building and community reflection
  • Wellbeing and joy
  • Intergenerational learning
  • Teaching and learning with imagination
  • Emergent themes and formats evolving from participants in the community

Equity Unbound will host this global open education festival virtually throughout June, July & August 2024. And this year we are offering an early start in May (see below).

We organize all of our Equity Unbound events with the ethos of Intentionally Equitable Hospitality (IEH) – a praxis that means our organizers and facilitators take seriously their responsibility to intentionally create spaces that feel welcoming to everyone, especially those farthest from justice. Read about how we have designed MYFest in this Inside Higher Ed article, or this briefer version of it

Further information will be launched soon. Please see the schedule from the past two years which has been archived (MYFest22 & MYFest23). We will replace with 2024 content soon (see MYFest-at-a-glance).

You can now register for MYFest24 and join sessions throughout June, July, and August