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Navigating Grief and Uncertainty using Positive Psychology and Psychological Capital (Track)

DateSession titleTime in GMTTime in CairoTime in EDT
Fri June 30Introduction to Grief, Storytelling, Positive Psychology, and HERO 5-6:30pm8-9:30pm1-2:30pm
Fri July 7Grief & Storytelling: Focus on Hope5-6:30pm8-9:30pm1-2:30pm
Fri July 14Grief & Storytelling: Focus on Efficacy5-6:30pm8-9:30pm1-2:30pm
Fri July 21Grief & Storytelling: Focus on Resiliency5-6:30pm8-9:30pm1-2:30pm
Fri July 28Grief & Storytelling: Focus on Optimism5-6:30pm8-9:30pm1-2:30pm
Fri August 4Grief, PsyCap, HERO, and Sabbath Moments5-6:30pm8-9:30pm1-2:30pm

Led by Christy Albright and Rissa Sorensen-Unruh

Making Asynchronous Connections

Be on the look-out for examples of the following that are about hope, efficacy, resiliency and/or optimism and/or grief:

  • Songs 
  • Poems 
  • Books 
  • Historical storiesĀ 
  • Movies or scenes 
  • TV shows or episodes 
  • Plays or scenesĀ 
  • Quotes 
  • Memes
  • Images of Nature

You can post them on the padlet, share them on the Slack Channel using #navigatinggrief, add them to the Google Drive Folder and share them with the class next week!

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