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Daily Nourishing Reflection #14: Humor & Reflection Activity

Welcome to day #14 of the Intentionally Equitable Hospitality (IEH) series for May 2024! We hope you are having a great day so far. It was awesome seeing and engaging with you all during our session yesterday.

Daily Facilitation Tip: Humor

Today’s video is by Sarah Rose Cavanagh, where she talks about engaging mutual laughter early on in your session because laughter creates a sense of shared experience, which is bound to help with engagement with your audience. She also shares a couple of other tips as well, one of which is about what to include (or the amount of content to include) in your session. Enjoy watching/listening!

Daily Optional Material

Times Higher Education and Higher Ed Get Serious about Humor in your Online Classroom article

Idea: You can also use this imgflip meme generator to make funny memes, or even ask your audience to generate them and share with the group.

Daily Activity: ‘Facilitation Challenges Exchange’ Session Reflection

Let’s use this opportunity to reflect on what we discussed during yesterday’s session. We spoke about the challenges that we sometimes face when facilitating or teaching.

Here are some possible reflection questions:

  • What did you notice about “share of voice” during your breakout rooms? 
  • Was there anyone who was not participating at all in your group? Was everyone participating on their own terms?
  • What assumptions did you make about people’s participation/non-participation?
  • Was there anyone dominating the conversation or steering the conversation that interrupted others’ contribution?
  • In hindsight, would you deal with any technical issues differently?
  • What was the role of other participants in making the space equitable, not just the facilitator?
  • How do you balance the equitable hospitality with the goal and the time limits that you have?
  • We won’t always have clear challenges arise. As facilitators, how can we know when is the right time to adapt our planning, and follow what emerges from the group? 
  • As a participant, what can you do to support the group or individuals to be inclusive? 
  • How can you support participation in a time-equitable way?
  • How can we be welcoming to others who are outside the community? 
  • How can we renew hospitality over and over again, so it doesn’t matter when new people join? 
  • How do we encourage every participant to be part of the acts of intentionally equitable hospitality, not just the facilitators?

Don’t forget to post your reflections on the SPLOT so we can see and engage with them! Also, if you couldn’t make it to the session, we would still love to get your input as well! You can first check out the Challenges Exchange Padlet where we curated from the group the common challenges you all face when facilitating or teaching, and we discussed them during the Zoom session in breakout rooms. So there are lots of questions here that you can also reflect on and engage with, even if you weren’t with us on Zoom yesterday!

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