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Daily Nourishing Reflection #8: Varieties of Preferences & See You Live!

Welcome to day 8 of the Intentionally Equitable Hospitality (IEH) series for May 2024! How are you feeling? We can’t wait to meet many of you inshallah today live on Zoom. When you’re in the session today, make it meta – reflect not just on the content of the session, but on the way it’s being facilitated.

Daily Facilitation Tip:

Today’s video is by Jennie Blake, one of our IEH participants, and a MYFest co-organizer. One of the things she talks about is not assuming we know participants’ preferences and needs – and making sure our activities give participants different options to engage. When you’re in the live session today, reflect on whether your needs are met, and whether some people may be excluded by some activities?

Daily Activity: Slides & What to Expect in Today’s Live Session

Here are the slides we plan to use today: Here is what to expect:

  1. We will be doing a check-in via the chat
  2. We’ll do a brief warm-up activity in breakout rooms so you get some time to meet other participants. This activity is called Wild Tea.
  3. We’ll very quickly go over the community agreements again
  4. We’ll very quickly revise what IEH means
  5. We’ll do a longer breakout activity in trios called Appreciative Interviews where you share something about a good, equitable facilitation experience you had (as a facilitator or participant)
  6. We’ll share back from the breakout rooms
  7. We’ll do a quick check out

Note: We can’t post the Zoom link to today’s session on the website, but it’s been sent to you when you first registered for IEH series, and we have also sent calendar invitations.

Note 2: If you’re in circumstances where you cannot speak or prefer not to be in a breakout room, we’ll ask you to let us know during the session, and you’ll be able to opt into a “quiet room” or come back to the main room instead.

Note 3: if you cannot make it to the live session, no worries – you can do step #5 and relate it to IEH on your own and post your reflection on the SPLOT, or have a conversation with a colleague near you.

Daily Optional Additional Material

If you’d like to familiarize yourself with the two breakout type activities we’re doing, here are some demos of them:

One More Thing…

If you haven’t had a chance to look at the community agreements or added your suggestions, there’s still time to do so.

Do you have any questions or concerns? Email us at

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