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Daily Nourishing Reflection #27: Issue Invitations Rather than Requirements

Welcome to day #27 of the Intentionally Equitable Hospitality (IEH) series for May 2024! How’s your week shaping up?

Daily Facilitation Tip: Issue invitations rather than requirements

Today’s video is by Tony Carr, where he talks about listening as best you can, it matters when participants feel that you are listening well. He discusses the importance of making time for check-ins and check-outs and time for intentional engagement with their concerns and questions both within your class time and after class. Another tip he offers is to issue invitations rather than requirements so participants have the opportunity to exercise agency as much as they want. Listen/watch to learn more!

One More Thing…

MYFest 24 Starts THIS WEEKEND! We are super excited and really looking forward to seeing you there! Check out the schedule, mark your calendars for the sessions you’re interested to attend, and get ready for an awesome summer festival full of innovative, engaging and thought-provoking sessions. We also have a really cool mix of sessions for community building, joy and wellbeing!

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This post is part of the Intentionally Equitable Hospitality Series in May 2024, which includes daily emails (of the same content here) and three live sessions.

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