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Daily Nourishing Reflection #5: Care and Connection Before Content

Welcome to day 5 of the Intentionally Equitable Hospitality (IEH) series for May 2024! We hope you’re getting into the groove of things and meeting new and old members of our community via Slack or the SPLOT

Daily Facilitation Tip: Care and Connection Before Content – and more

Today’s video is by Theresa Destrebecq, who speaks about the importance of care and connection before content, as well as practicing humility and recognizing that every voice matters. Notice her expression “there’s a leader in every chair”.

Daily Activity: Let’s Connect!

Following on from Theresa’s point about care and connection being more important than content, the activity for today is just to respond to someone else who posted on either:

Look especially for people you don’t know or who have not had any responses yet.

If there’s someone you know who signed up for IEH series but have not been contributing yet, check in on them and see if you can help them get started.

Daily Optional Additional Material

You will have heard Theresa use the expression “there is a leader in every chair”, and she had suggested this resource called The Circle Way whose motto is “putting equity and justice in the center”. If you look further into the site for more on what the circle way process is, you’ll notice the expression “there is a leader in every chair”. Feel free to explore this site further – it uses similar expressions to the ones we do at Equity Unbound on Intentionally Equitable Hospitality – things like “invitation” and “hosting” and definitely the emphasis on equity.

One More Thing…

Since there is a leader in every chair, we thought we’d use today’s “one more thing” to highlight a resource shared by one of our participants! Alan Levine recently on Slack shared this interesting article that is about choosing engaging openings to pieces of writing and conference talks – but perhaps it also has value for how we begin sessions/workshops/classes, or how we describe them in blurbs?

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