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Daily Nourishing Reflection #3: Accessibility Matters & Community Agreements

Welcome to day 3 of the Intentionally Equitable Hospitality (IEH) series for May 2024! Have you seen other people’s intros yet? If you still haven’t posted yours, you may be inspired by the ones already posted by Lance, Rebecca, Danielle, Jo, Sherri and Alan.

Daily Facilitation Tip: Accessibility Matters

Watch this video by Yasser Tamer, and reflect on how far you’ve been considering accessibility in your own facilitation and overall daily practice.

Daily Activity: Community Agreements

Some facilitators share “community agreements” with participants ahead of time or at the start of a session, and some co-develop community agreements with their participants. Last time we ran an IEH series in 2023, we co-created community agreements with participants asynchronously and synchronously, and so this year, we’ll use those agreements as a starting point, and we’d like to invite you to comment on the Google doc. The invitation here is to:

  1. Comment on existing agreements and make suggestions to add or modify or remove. Tell us what’s missing or what can be worded differently
  2. Share other ways: Use the rest of the document to share resources you have on community agreements, or share a completely different set of community agreements you have used or seen in other contexts.

Daily Optional Additional Material

Here are two resources to continue in the line of accessibility and community agreements

One More Thing…

If you’re not in the MYFest Slack yet, it’s starting to get active, so join us there if you’re participating in the series. The link to join should arrive as soon as you register for the IEH series. It’s a good place to share your posts/intros when you start posting them, and just generally chatting with everyone and asking questions as well.

Do you have any questions or concerns? Email us at

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