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Daily Nourishing Reflection #22: Multiple Pathways for Engagement & Today’s Braintrust Session Activity + MYFest 24 Schedule!

Welcome to day #22 of the Intentionally Equitable Hospitality (IEH) series for May 2024! We hope you are having a great week so far. It’s been quite busy for all of us here at Equity Unbound putting the MYFest 24 schedule together. Check it out if you haven’t already, we’d love to see you there!

Daily Facilitation Tip: Multiple Pathways for Engagement

Today’s video is by Sybil Priebe. She starts with a story of a hybrid session she was part of (she joined online) where the facilitator had so many different ways and options for the attendees to participate depending on whether they were there onsite or online. For example, for those attending in-person, they could have discussions in pairs or small groups face to face OR if they preferred not to, they could journal or write their answers on paper. Watch/listen to the video to learn about how the facilitator also gave great options for those attending online to engage. Enjoy!

Daily Optional Material

Video: Curb Cut Effect

Daily Activity: Asynchronous Activity for Today’s Live Braintrust Session

This is an asynchronous activity, which will also be used during the Braintrust Session today.

Contribute to this Google doc your favorite strategies for equitable facilitation; before sessions start; at the start of sessions, during sessions, while ending sessions, etc. (hint: Sybil gave you some tips in her video above – but so did every facilitator whose videos we’ve been sending daily).

Two More Things…

  • Have you marked your calendar to join us for today’s Braintrust session with Yasser Atef and Maha Bali yet? The link to the Zoom session will be shared with you in today’s email. We’d love to see you there
  • Have you checked out the MYFest 24 Schedule yet? If not, go ahead and do that soon! We are super excited, we start in exactly 10 days from now and we can’t wait to see you all there!

Do you have any questions or concerns? Email us at

This post is part of the Intentionally Equitable Hospitality Series in May 2024, which includes daily emails (of the same content here) and three live sessions.

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