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Yasser Tammer

Co-facilitator, Co-organizer, Community-building and Community reflection

I am Yasser, an aspiring disability advocate and researcher with a deep interest in exploring the interplay between disability and accessibility. Currently, I am pursuing an undergraduate degree in English and Comparative Literature at the American University in Cairo.

As a disabled individual myself, I am committed to advocating for disability rights and promoting accessibility and inclusion for all individuals, regardless of their abilities. In recognition of my academic achievements and potential, I was awarded the Sawiris Distinction Scholarship in 2021, which has allowed me to pursue my studies with renewed passion and purpose.

My passion for advocacy and leadership has been honed through various endeavors, including academic writing, public speaking, and research. In 2018, I participated in the English Access Micro Scholarship program, which provided me with invaluable insights into the English language and American culture.

Additionally, in 2022, I participated in the Soliya Connect Program for Virtual Exchange and the Soliya Program for Dialogue Facilitation, which equipped me with the necessary skills to facilitate constructive and respectful dialogue between diverse groups.

I have also co-facilitated a series of workshops, including “Intentionally Equitable Hospitality” with Equity Unbound (an Equity focused curriculum), and I have attended many conferences related to disability and accessibility. In 2022 and 2023, I spoke at multiple events, including the Research and Creativity Convention (RCC) at AUC for two consecutive occasions, discussing disability and accessibility. One presentation tackled the challenges of accessible education, and the other tackled disability employment. In 2022, I also presented virtually at the Chance conference in Poland, and my presentation tackled the case of the American University in Cairo as an inclusive institution. Additionally, I presented virtually at the Alternative Assessment Conference at Athabasca University on Inclusive Assessment.

Why I’m in MYFest: to grow and develop myself by learning from the experiences of everybody. I hope to hone my skills in teaching, facilitating, and education in general. Another idea that comes to mind when thinking about why I am in MyFest is to have joy, to enjoy the care, and grow as a professional individual.

MYFest involvement: I will be co-facilitating the IEH track and co-organizing MyFest23 alongside others, also leading workshops on accessibility and its relation with intentionally Equitable hospitality.