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Stephanie Moore

Guest Facilitator or Speaker, Open Education and Digital Literacies

Stephanie Moore is an Assistant Professor at the University of New Mexico in Organization, Information and Learning Sciences. She is also a Fellow with the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy working on the use of learning technologies for adult literacy and editor-in-chief of the Journal of Computing in Higher Education. Her specialties are online and mobile learning and ethical issues related to learning technologies, and she recently published a book on ethics and ed tech aptly named Ethics and Educational Technology: Reflection, Interrogation, and Design as a Framework for Practice (through Routledge). She’s going to give a workshop here on reflection, interrogation, and design, with lots of time for reflection.

Why I’m in MYFest: MYFest is all about reflective practice, with a great community of colleagues. I’m looking forward to both sharing and learning!

MYFest involvement: Workshop, July 12 at 12 noon EST; Session (conversation) with Tim Fawns, July 12 at 7:30 p.m. EST on “How can you be pragmatic and ethical together: Navigating entanglements and tensions in integrating educational technology”

  • New Mexico, USA