Roz Hussin

Co-facilitator, Co-organizer, Critical Pedagogy & Social Justice

I am a catalyst for organizations and people in discovering sustainable accelerated learning ∞ .

I straddle dual professions – architecture and education, with over 30 years work experience in the US, Asia, Africa, and Middle East, in a wide range of jobs, including – Project Architect, Associate Director of Academic Quality Assurance, International Corporate Development, Corporate Trainer, Life Coach, Instructional Design Technology Specialist, Curriculum Coordinator, Lecturer, Camp Counselor, Culinary Instructor, and even Janitorial Cleaner. My roots in architecture greatly influence my unconventional methods and innovative strategies in education. My expertise is in Metacognitive Coaching and Immersion Learning. My research interests are in Heutagogy (self-determined learning) and Third Culture Kids (TCK). I am also a dedicated martial arts practitioner and instructor.

Why I’m in MYFest:

I’m a die-hard learnaholic who never says no to any opportunity for action-research to discover new and innovative methods of learning. MYFest is an exploratory, diversified, and inclusive learning environment which lends itself to experimentation and discovery learning. I am excited to share my experience with, and learn from, other practitioners from around the world.

MYFest involvement:

I will be offering hands-on immersive workshops using gamification and role-play methods. I will focus more on methodology and pedagogy as the driving “content” and less on any particular field of study. Plus, I will provide guided practice to improve awareness and competency of visual literacy and alternative literacy.