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Mark C. Marino

Guest Facilitator or Speaker, Open Education and Digital Literacies

Mark C. Marino ( is a writer and reader of electronic literature. His books include the 10-authored 10 PRINT,  Reading Project with Jessica Pressman and Jeremy Douglass and Critical Code Studies. He recently published Hallucinate This! an authoritized autobotography of ChatGPT.  He teaches writing and digital literature at the University of Southern California where he runs the Humanities and Critical Code Studies Lab. As a dad and storyteller, he writes interactive tales about a magical foster care home with his two children in a series called Mrs. Wobbles & The Tangerine House. Their latest tale is called UnBoxing.


Why I’m in MYFest: I will go over wherever Maha Bali leads, and MYFest seems like it attracts the kind of welcoming and supportive community of curious learners that Maha creates with her generous spirit and insightful mind.

MYFest involvement:  This is my first MYFest, where I’ll be running two workshops on writing and teaching writing with generative artificial intelligence.


  • California, USA