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Headshot with dramatic lighting of Jon Ippolito, a white man with a slight smile and brown hair looking off to his right on top of a MYFest background of colorful pink, purple and blue four-sided shapes spiraling out from the center.

Jon Ippolito

Guest Facilitator or Speaker

The inaugural winner of the Thoma Arts Writing prize, Jon Ippolito has exhibited artwork with collaborative teammates Janet Cohen and Keith Frank at venues such as the Walker Art Center and ZKM/Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe. As Associate Curator of Media Arts at the Guggenheim Museum, he curated Virtual Reality: An Emerging Medium and, with John G. Hanhardt, The Worlds of Nam June Paik. Ippolito’s critical writing has appeared in periodicals ranging from Flash Art and the Art Journal to the Washington Post. At the Still Water lab co-founded with Joline Blais, Ippolito has worked on three projects — the Variable Media Network, ThoughtMesh, and the books At the Edge of Art and Re-collection — that aim to expand the art world beyond its traditional confines.