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Heather’s photo shows her head and shoulders. She is smiling a little, and has brown, curly shoulder-length hair and (gasp!) bangs. She’s wearing a black v-neck top. Though they aren’t visible, she also has hearing aids.

Heather Mikkelsen Wright

Co-facilitator, Co-organizer, Community-building and Community reflection, Wellbeing and Joy

I’m a researcher and creative who is perpetually curious about how we make learning meaningful and change possible, and about how identities, literacies, and technologies move us through places/spaces. I dream about/work on radically re-visioning assessment practices and consult with individuals and organizations interested in asset-based, reparative education and experiential learning. My happy place is helping birth projects that help us all feel and be differently. I’m a parent, partner, language learner, lover of human stories, and certified Wrong Thinker. I’m also the co-editor of “Community-Based Multiliteracies and Digital Media Projects” and “Digital Storytelling in Higher Education: International Perspectives.”

I live and work in Austin, Texas, where I’m the Assistant Director for Assessment & Experiential Learning in the Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of Texas-Austin and director of the Initiative for Students as Partners in Research and Equity (InSPiRE).

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Why I’m in MYFest: I’m a part of MYFest because I believe in co-building teaching and learning communities that nurture us as whole and complex people, and engage us in conversations that broaden our perspectives and inspire us to change our worlds in the ways that matter most.

MYFest involvement: Co-organizer, co-facilitator, MYFest consultant for evaluation and asset-based inquiry, data visualization and visioning. Community and rest space facilitator. Primary tracks: Community building and reflection, wellbeing and joy.

  • Austin, Texas, USA