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Headshot of Hanan Sabry, a smiling woman wearing a dark top, a gold jacket and headscarf, and a necklace and earrings, all on top of a MYFest background of colorful pink, purple and blue four-sided shapes spiraling out from the center.

Hanan Sabry

Guest Facilitator or Speaker, Wellbeing and Joy

Hanan Sabry is passionate about empowering parents & teachers to understand & appreciate children’s worthiness, enoughness & uniqueness. She designs & facilities tools & strategies to help adults embrace and respect children’s emotional needs, preferences, abilities, talents and capacities.

Her experience in the field of parenting had started in California two decades back where she earned her master’s degree in teaching from University of San Francisco. In 2008, she co-founded “Akhlakona”, a character-building curriculum that was administered at several international schools as part of the weekly school schedule.

In 2018, she has partnered with Intellect Coaching School to design and deliver the first ICF, International Coaching Federation, Parenting Coaching Program in the MENA region.

She has been an online host of several conferences:

  • Compassionate Parenting Conference
  • Compassionate Educators Conference
  • Compassionate Couples Conference

where she interviewed hundreds of professionals from different domains to empower & inspire personal growth and awareness.

She has founded Compassionate Universe in 2022 to cultivate compassion; she designs curriculum, games and tools and deliver training, coaching and consultation to educators, parents, couples and leaders.

MYFest involvement: offering a workshop on 8 C’s: Cultivating your inner-work to become compassionate