Alia Attia

Co-facilitator, Co-organizer, Wellbeing and Joy

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” Yes, this is one of my favorite quotes! I am Alia Attia, a graduate student in Educational Leadership and a teaching assistant at the American University in Cairo, Egypt. I am passionate about education, leadership, public speaking, and a lot more!

Why I’m in MYFest: I believe that knowledge has no limits and that it is powerful and necessary to learn something new while passing on our takeaways to other people too. So, I am here to continue learning, curating, networking, and growing personally and collectively with others, while enjoying the whole process!

MYFest involvement: Curator, Volunteer/Participant, Co-Organizer/Conducting a Workshop/Session on Instructional Practices with Impromptu Speaking

  • Cairo, Egypt