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Voice & Silence Framework: Session 1


Tue 11 Jun 2024    
13:00pm UTC–14:30pm UTC Your time: JavaScript Disabled


Tanja Murphy-Ilibasic, Theresa Destrebecq

Themes & Topics

For this session, we will be using a Voice & Silence framework to explore how we ourselves, or those we educate or support, use Voice or Silence.
This framework is a four-quadrant model which distinguishes between productive und unproductive forms of Voice and Silence. It originated from the work of Amy C. Edmondson and Tijs Besieux, with the intention of helping foster high-quality conversations.
Whether in a social, traditional work or educational environment, we all share the challenges of providing the best possible balance of equal voice, diversity of thought, reflection and critical information. This framework can offer essential insights into how inclusive our meetings, training or exchanges are and why.
Our session will focus on
• sharing and unpacking perspectives around productive or non-productive expressions of Voice and Silence
• looking at possible personal triggers and their impact
• designing experiments that reveal how Voice and Silence is expressed in our own environments and how this could be impacted in a positive way
Please come ready to be curious, share perspectives and start thinking about how these insights are relevant for your work.
Hope to see you there!

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