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Is AI a threat to democracy? Session 1/3 of Jon Ippolito’s Track


Tue 25 Jun 2024    
14:00pm UTC–15:00pm UTC Your time: JavaScript Disabled


Jon Ippolito

Themes & Topics

Overall description

Working with generative AI can feel like fostering a precocious child, one endowed with surprising creativity as well as alarming destructive potential. Through guided conversations and hands-on practice with the tools, participants in this three-part series will explore AI’s ethical range, from adolescent unpredictability to mature sensibility.

Session 1: Is AI a threat to democracy?

Just as it would be irresponsible to let a young child adolescent play with a firearm, AI and elections are a volative mix. From deep-faked images of politicians to more subtle threats that can disable government infrastructure, this session demonstrates how AI tools can help saboteurs destabilize democracy. Participants will learn the weaknesses of commonly proposed solutions like AI watermarks as well as other solutions with a greater chance of safeguarding the democratic process.

This is the first session of a track, but you can still attend it without attending the rest of the track.

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