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Out Beyond, there is a Learning Sanctuary

Out Beyond, there is a Learning Sanctuary


Fri 26 Jul 2024    
14:00–15:00 UTC Your time: JavaScript Disabled JavaScript Disabled


Mays Imad

Themes & Topics

Topics: MYFest2024

In this interactive workshop, we will explore the concept of a learning sanctuary and examine trauma and agency through the lens of recent student protests. We will focus on heartful listening, a compassionate and empowering approach that emphasizes humility, community, and understanding, essential for creating a learning sanctuary. Additionally, we will discuss how trauma affects students’ lives and learning, offering strategies to help them reclaim their agency. By analyzing recent student protests, we aim to gain insights into the collective trauma and calls for justice driving these movements, enabling us to better support our students. We will also discuss the notions of safety and discomfort in learning, exploring the meaning and implications of the pedagogy of discomfort. This includes promoting reflective spaces and using restorative practices to address conflicts and rebuild trust. By the end of the workshop, participants will be equipped with practical tools to create inclusive, supportive, and responsive educational environments that foster growth and understanding.