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Counters to Despair: A Creative Workshop

Counters to Despair: A Creative Workshop


Wed 17 Jul 2024    
15:00–16:00 UTC Your time: JavaScript Disabled JavaScript Disabled


Sherri Spelic

Themes & Topics

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Join us for this reflective and creative workshop based on the Higher Education for Good chapter, Counters to Despair. This collection of prose poems will form the basis of our thinking and actions. How do we manage to outwit or outrun our creeping despair in the face of so much gone awry in education and the world? What stands between us and despair? And even more importantly, how do we build and sustain counters to despair that keep us moving towards more peace, equity, and care in ourselves, our institutions and the world. We’ll use structured dialogues, free writing and open dialogue to articulate, share and bolster our defenses against despair.