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Conflict Resolution for Healthy Communities: A Friction Lab


Sat 31 Aug 2024    
0:00am UTC Your time: JavaScript Disabled


Sam Veneruso

Themes & Topics

Conflict is something most of us shy away from, but it is also inevitable. It makes us uncomfortable and unsure, and unresolved conflict can lead to negative mental health consequences, destructive or toxic community spaces, loss of community connections members, and limitations on solutions and opportunities. But not all conflict is negative; conflict can be generative, and there are constructive ways to resolve conflict that contribute to the health of organizations, communities, teams and individuals. Join us for this conversation about how conflict manifests at organizational, team and individual levels, how and why we respond to conflict negatively, and generative, healthy approaches to conflict with the goal of transforming our understanding of conflict to create better communities. Together, we will build a framework for understanding conflict, its impact, and chart impactful strategies for resolution. We will use theory and strategy and invite lived experiences. (need to work on this description a bit.)

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