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Bring Your Own Book (BYOB) Circle: Wellbeing (2)

Bring Your Own Book (BYOB) Circle: Wellbeing (2)


Thu 18 Jul 2024    
14:00–15:00 UTC Your time: JavaScript Disabled JavaScript Disabled


Theresa Destrebecq

Themes & Topics

Topics: MYFest2024

A Bring Your Own Book (BYOB) Circle, is an opportunity for individuals to come together virtually to share their love of reading.

Unlike a traditional book club, where everyone brings a commonly read book, these BYOB circles invite anyone to come with any book that they have read, or are currently reading, based on a central theme.

With the support of a facilitator, these events are meant to create community, inspire new reading and learning, and engage with one another in fun and unique ways.

For the month of July, the theme is WELLBEING, so bring any book, passage from a book, or quote that treferences wellbeing.