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Asynchronous – Wisdom of Fools: A Storytelling Project

Asynchronous - Wisdom of Fools: A Storytelling Project


Sat 1 Jun 2024–Sat 31 Aug 2024    


Laura Gibbs, Jim Stauffer, Heather Kretschmer

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Topics: MYFest2024

This is the Wisdom of Fools website:

This is the asynchronous MYFest-long event. We will have a month of asynchronous activities and prompts in June, followed by a workshop in July when we can talk together about what we’ve learned and decide where we want to go next.

Nasruddin was walking along the river one day when he heard someone shouting; he looked across to the other side of the river and saw a man standing there, waving his arms. “Hey!” shouted the man. “How do I get to the other side of the river?” Nasruddin shook his head and shouted back, “But you’re already on the other side!” Nasruddin is one of the most famous “wise fools” in the world, and there are many more, from A to Z, Aesop to Zen masters. You can find the foolish wisdom of the world in stories and songs, in cartoons and jokes, in riddles and rhymes… just look; you’ll start seeing foolish wisdom everywhere! For this MYFest24 storytelling project, we invite everyone to share their favorite examples of “foolish wisdom,” collecting old stories and also creating new stories to share and learn from together.