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An Introduction to Neuro-Art

An Introduction to Neuro-Art


Wed 17 Jul 2024    
13:00–14:30 UTC Your time: JavaScript Disabled JavaScript Disabled


Marie Louise Williams

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This session will be hands on where you’ll get the chance to draw/create art.  Though there is absolutely no experience required and it is open to all skill levels, we ask that you prepare to be fully immersed! This means preparing a few materials in advance and blocking out time in your schedule for the entire session so you can get the most out of this experience.

Neuro-Art is a form of sketching or doodling that can be used to relax and shift perceptions and experience around a particular issue, belief, emotion or bodily sensation. This introduction will show the simplest method/technique in order for you to have an insight into the process. It will not give you a complete experience of the full method, but is designed to offer a sense of the possibilities so that you can go and explore further for yourself or with a trained therapist if you enjoy the practice. This is an interactive session and you will get the most benefit if you engage with the process and let it unfold.

Originated and created by Pavel Piskarev ( the method does not require any formal drawing skills. The aim is to create an abstract design that emerges from the process that I will show you.

The best results for your wellbeing will come if you relax as much as you can, allow it to happen and not try to control the process. However, you may notice resistance if it comes up, but please be willing to keep going to move beyond this as that is how the process transforms uncomfortable thoughts/sensations. Of course you can stop at any point and simply observe and please take good care of your own mental and physical wellbeing at all times, taking time out as needed. This is a Therapeutic Art experience, and is not a substitute for working with a qualified Art Therapist.

To take part you will need to bring the following:

  • ~ 2 or 3 pieces of thick drawing paper or card (between 180-300gsm)
  • ~ black or dark blue marker pens (approx. 0.5mm and 1mm)
  • ~ two or three coins of different sizes
  • ~ colouring pencils in various colours
  • ~ 3-5 round items that you can draw around to create circles (A circle in this context is seen as a positive principle that symbolizes harmony, safety, integrity, and trust)