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8 Capacities of Self-Compassion

8 Capacities of Self-Compassion


Thu 13 Jun 2024    
16:00–17:00 UTC Your time: JavaScript Disabled JavaScript Disabled


Hanan Sabry

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To live a meaningful, happy and fulfilled life, we as adults take the charge and responsibility to heal ourselves from whatever made us disconnected from our essence. We take the lead to restore our authentic self to accept who we are and acknowledge our unmet needs and unattended emotions; some of us feel unsafe, unseen, unaccepted or unworthy; some feel not good enough to show up to the world as who we are; gradually and subconsciously we developed a survival persona with its various coping mechanisms to feel safe and significant.

Some of us have developed a selfless pattern of behaviors and some have developed selfish patterns. Becoming awakened through pain and struggles, some of us are ready to see and perceive that self-kindness is crucial for health & growth. Our journey with understanding our 8 capacities gives us safe spaces to reach out to ourselves and expand our inner wisdom to restore our self-concept and reconstruct our beliefs; a new set of beliefs that enables us to break the cycle of unhealthy patterns and move forward in-life.

I have created the need for developing the 8 capacities within us out of my own personal wisdom of how self compassion is crucial to receiving and living a healthier life. I was able to connect, feel and heal. I have progressed on reclaiming my inner wisdom and enjoyed a new reality of becoming self compassionate.

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